Fascinating Bahktiari Rugs

What fascinates me this week is the color and vibrancy of Bahktiari rugs. I see that there is a as much known and shared about them as there is so much more to be discovered.  The people of Bahktiair have been featured in films and such and yet remain a fascinating mystery.

True nomads their weaving is all in part of their way of life. This group has been documented in the movie “Grass”.  Their lives very private, they have been a cultural interest item to historians and scholars worldwide.  How do they maintain their dedication to an ancient style of life in such modern and trying times?

The theme of many of their weavings is the panel design, a window to the garden.  I tend to feel it means more than that, a window to the soul. There is a part of us that remembers the ancestral memories. Where we can from, how we tilled the soil and raised the animals to survive in a world familiar with the beauty and harshness of nature.

In my musings here I would love for you to spend a little to time to learn about these wanderers with whom we share the planet and our history of the human race.