Kashan Rugs

Imagine you’ve just stepped into the world of Antique Kashan Poem Rugs from the 1930s, and let me tell you, it’s a journey into the lap of Persian luxury! Now, our dear friend Hassan Mohtasham might not have invented the weaving style, but oh boy, did he turn it into a sensation. According to Jan David Winitz, the genius behind Claremont Rug Company, these babies have been dazzling the scene since the early 19th century.

So, let’s talk details:. Mohtasham Kashan designs are like a visual feast, ranging from curvilinear shapes to botanical motifs that scream sophistication. And, hold onto your hats, because the foundations of these rugs are spun tighter than the latest Hollywood gossip. We’re talking white cotton warp threads, pale blue indigo-dyed double wefts, needle-wrapped edges (hello, magenta silk!), and a meticulous display of detail that’s practically jaw-dropping.

Now, Kashans, my love, are the staple of classic Persian rugs. Think of them as the crown jewels in the dazzling tiara of Persian art and culture during the Safavid period – what some like to call Iran’s “Golden Age.” Picture poets like Hafez and Saadi, artists like Reza Abbasi, and at the helm, the influential Shah Abbas I, making administrative reforms, boosting the economy, and giving us some serious urban chic.

And guess what? There were four rug-weaving powerhouses in Persia – central Persia, Tabriz, Kerman, and eastern Persia. Kashan and Isfahan in central Persia were weaving those silky dreams, thanks to Shah Abbas and his capital-shifting magic. Tabriz, the OG Safavid capital, was also a weaving hot spot.

Now, feast your eyes on the rug in question – a poem rug translating the verses of none other than the poetic maestro Omar Khayyam. Born in Neyshābūr, this Persian polymath wowed not just his country but the English-speaking world too, thanks to Edward FitzGerald’s translation of his robāʿīyāt, known as “The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám” in 1859. From math to astronomy, this tentmaker-turned-legend had it all.

So, there you have it, darling. Antique Kashan Poem Rugs, a dash of history, a sprinkle of poetry, and a whole lot of glam. It’s like walking through a Persian dream, and trust me, you’re living for it!