Come to me for your handmade textile services and appraisals. Come see me at Metro Flooring to make the floors of your home come alive!

Starting life in a town that was quite a melting pot, Worcester, Mass, I never had an idea I would be doing such an interesting and rare field as my area of expertise. Always fascinated with art, ancient history, colors and patterns with the desire to understand, and explain how things work.

The winding road that brought me to Persian rugs took me through chemical research, museum studies, world travels and a keen appreciation for hand made things.

My travels took me from Worcester to Hartford, to above the olive line in Agios Giorgosi Nilias in Pelio near Volos, Greece to Ano Gatzea to Agia Paraskevi, Holargos, to Kolonos where the nymphs hid Odysseus, through the islands of Greece, especially Rhodes and to our other countries like Turkey, and Belgium where fine textiles are made.

The first rug I bought was a flokati in the mountains of Delphi, then I bought a wool rug from a women’s collective near the National Museum of Athens.

The first rug washing I experienced was outside Corinth, Greece in the cleft of the mountains where a natural stream was channeled through a cabin and a submerged tub of sorts had been constructed in the earth and the stream was then running a flour grinding mill! We would throw flokatis and some soap into the pool and stir them with a wooden stick and it was challenge hauling the wet rugs outside to the racks in the sun.

My reality shifted when I first learned about the poems of Rumi and the dreams of the Sufi’s it inspired my very soul. I actually was so moved by their poems I translated them to Greek for friends so they would understand my magic inspiration!

As I began on my journey from Rhodes, Greece to San Diego I had to leave all the baggage behind.What remained was an appreciation of the works of the hand and a fire in the heart for art that ignites the soul.


Credentials Senior Fellow of the Academy of Oriental Rugs 18 years in Oriental Rugs Sales and Service Judge Library of Congress High School Art Show (2008-) Exhibitor in the Conception Art Show San Diego 2016 Houzz Magazine Award for Customer Service 2015 Attendee Color Workshop by Chris Howell 2015 Ruglovers Marketing Instructor 2015 Rug lover’s Tour Las Vegas 2013 Instructor Rug Id Del Mar Fairgrounds Home shows exhibitor for rugs and furniture (2008) Free-lance writer for the Handmade Rug Industry (2007-) Designer for Color, Frames and Rugs (20+) MFAH Houston, Texas for the Victoria and Albert Museum tour. Textile Quality Control LVF Ltd, Piraeus, Greece BS Biochemistry, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA MBA University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona Studies at MFAW, and Mesa Community College (Color, Textiles and Interior design)

Thank you for visiting my site, and let me know if I can assist you…

Cynthia, xo

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