How a story can add value.. and little bag of silver.

So you love art objets? rugs? books? collectibles? Why is my question. Many times when we purchase something of value it may have been on a trip or with a special love or it has a gift from someone who is no longer in the physical world.

We look at those things and a memory is stirred. Consider in some cases it may be a perfume or something in the kitchen.  Knowing the story of how and or where it was made, who made it , who gave it to you ties that object to your soul in a sense.

For example I had a necklace i had purchased at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey. It was made of Lapis and silver. I traveled with it from 1986. When I came to San Diego, it broke. A year or so later a friend who dealt in jewels and estate sales, Joe Fitzgerald, fixed it and that meant we restrung the Lapis with some rose quartz. I had the silver pieces separate.  Then one day outside of Staples where I worked, I had a briefcase sort of bag that had all my important papers stolen. Imagine having letters of recommendation from various Dr.’s and such that I did research with in the 80’s stolen. Along with many of my original copies of id’s and passports etc as I was applying for jobs at the time. Little did they know there was also a bag of silver in the mix. Always wondered who would of thought to take all my papers..and the little bag of silver. Later I thought of the story of Judas and a bag of silver.. but doesn’t knowing the story make that necklace more worthwhile?

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I am out and about in San Diego, creating networks of good hearted people, exciting places, discovering fine foods and music and adopting projects!

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