The importance of Rug Care

As a rug lover I get deeply involved int he world of rugs and all the subjects they lead to: identification, appraising, the history, the cleaning , the culture, the geography, the art.  I feel amazed as i approach fifteen years in the industry , I am just beginning to understand this world.

Rugs are complex and simple and their care is the same. Simply cleaning them regularly helps them to last a lifetime.  There are a few major foes: pet stains, vacuum cleaners and moths. These can all be managed easily. I realized at an early age my love of patterns and finding them in anything, in nature, in art, in words, in behavior, and in the world of rugs they take on the most importance.

I have been operating as designer-tastes since 2004 and just now I figured out what it is i do! I think i am the self appointed curator of rug facts. a discoverer of new art,culture and music, and a food appreciator. I am in the planning stages of creating a site to deal specifically with the rug information, and i will be glad to keep you informed of my progress.Thanks and stay in touch!

Published by cynthiakinusa

I am out and about in San Diego, creating networks of good hearted people, exciting places, discovering fine foods and music and adopting projects!

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