The importance of community

This morning i awoke with a feeling of gratitude for all the rich experiences life has given me as well as a bit melancholy for the small size and long distance of my family.  Then I smiled when I realized I have created a family of friends whatever state, country or neighborhood in which I have lived.  There’s all the family and friends near Worcester Massachusetts, there is the friends in Hartford, Ct the family and friends near Houston, Texas the circle back in Athens, Greece and the Island of Rhodes as well. Friends I have met at conventions worldwide, friends in other parts of California and here in San Diego county I have lived in UTC, Gaslamp, Northpark, Clairemont, Kensington, Hillcrest, South Park and now in Coronado. There are coffee mornings with friends form all these circles. Why does this matter you ask? We are all part of the family of humanity and warm friendly interactions smooth over the bumps in our lives. These connections help us define they way and where we live and ultimately reflects in our styles. Do you like a big community? Do you have many folks over to share a meal? Do you do creative work from home? Community is the important thread that ties our experiences in our tapestry of life.

Published by cynthiakinusa

I am out and about in San Diego, creating networks of good hearted people, exciting places, discovering fine foods and music and adopting projects!

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