Love for textiles!

What fascinates me most about art and design is the people that create them. I have been drwn to textiles and art objects from toher countries from asn early age as my grandmother ( Babci in Chelsea) was a world traveler. How impressed I am with the salt cross she had from the salt mines in Poland or the lace she brought from Portugal or her stories of her trip to Egypt and the Holy land, or the Persian rug on her living room floor.When I reflect that she was a gifted crocheter, my mom a amazing knitter and my other grandma( Babci in Worcester) loved to sew.. my love of textiles makes sense. i am astounded at the makers of woven art and gain greater appreciation with each piece I see.

Published by cynthiakinusa

I am out and about in San Diego, creating networks of good hearted people, exciting places, discovering fine foods and music and adopting projects!

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