Nomadic Influences

Nomadic Influences

Write something the Facebook prompter beckoned! So I write, not always a willing slave to social media I reflected on the fact that it is time for a new article for my rug goddess page! Nomadic I have been called, wandering from place to place, idea to idea. This week’s musings through the veil of winter flu had been about things like rugs from Afghanistan, Lahore, and places like Kerman and rugs made in the mountains! When I start asking the questions of myself all kinds of answers come to mind. The challenges of restorations and my favorite visual description of hanging by a thread with such stunning inventory that surrounds me daily one would imagine greatness. There is, yet my senses have been filled by the suppleness of Gabbeh rugs from the Quashquai tribes of southern Iran. The starkness of a landscape with a few sheep or goat in this day and age to still be nomadic is an incredible thing for sure!

Take a look here:

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