How many weaving villages?

So each time I dive into the woven world of rugs I come back refreshed renewed and amazed at the indescribable depths of rug information. How does one choose what will be their expertise? Imagine for one moment the area called the Caucasus. This has been this month’s obsession!  How to learn each village, each rug, each tribe? Where would one start in their exploration?Thirteen years later after my first moment in Persian rug territory I finally feel I have made the step out of novice. But my word, after learning the basics how does one acquire all the knowledge to recognize each and every rug ever woven? Question and answer, question and answer everyday I ask myself what do I not know about rugs.

This month’s questions began with the what do I not know about Kazak rugs and some others from the Caucasus. According to Ian Bennett, author of many tomes on rugs there are about 350 tribes in the area, speaking 150 different dialects  and there are about 123 villages or so in the Southern Caucasus that produce unique carpets.

Then you can imagine just how many weaving villages there are in the Persian empire. Sometimes in this life we are a student and at times a teacher, yet the scope of the project to identify every rug in the world can stagger the mind. Do I dare continue? I realize the enormity of the task and say , Yes! Why? If I don’t who will?

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