My Story of How I got here!–WH485p5DXXpQ



This is the galvanizing poem for my new book in progress. Prospective publishing date end of 2019.


Fabulous and phenomenal fibers

Art is all around

Love is in their looms

Why rugs can enchant one heart and have no effect on another?

The gift is vision.

If you can see the hidden world, the rugs can tell the story,

A thousand stories.

A life in every knot.

Love in every warp and weft.

A love that endures time the history of the past, the present and the future

Woven by hand.

Is that why the fates are described as spinning the yarn of our destinies?

Every knot is measured even before we are born!

Book release and scheduled signing

Hard to believe I finally completed my book and story about my 12 years living in Greece. For years I was longingly homesick for a place that not only taught me many things, but brought out my very best.  I am grateful that many events and people keep me in touch with that magical place. The sense that ancient history is still alive and the closeness to the sea and earth and the warmth and friendliness of the people is my inspiration for my designs, my writing and my consulting. I invite you to explore with me.